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Inspiration: Start Every Day with this VIDEO!

As a first blog post to my new and updated website my goal is to give you something that will stick with you for 2017 and beyond. In the last few months I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks and her teachings. I've even witnessed my desires turn into reality---MULTIPLE TIMES. I love the power and strength in this video, where Oprah conveys exactly the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I hope that it inspires you, enlivens you and supports you in your life journey this year and BEYOND.

This video of Oprah captures a big truth. You are ALL in charge of your life! Anything is possible. You are limitless.

You are Limitless... like Bradley Cooper says "I was blind but now I see."

(Perspective change>> often that is what we all need most.)

"How many of us know what it is to become the perfect version of ourselves?"

(I don't believe in perfection but I believe in the pursuit of desires, dreams and dharma.)

"No scenario, I see 50 scenarios. That's what is does Carl, it puts me 50 moves ahead of you."

(When you open up to life and to what you really are---this energetic being of light, and the power of positivity and knowing that you can achieve anything, you tap into so many rivers of possibility.)

What you envision or see is what you are creating and what you are creating is your REALITY! This video of Oprah brings me so much joy and faith that what I want is what I will receive. I am in THAT alignment with my truth, my dreams and my desires! Your intentions matter and once you become aware of every intention before an action or karma this will begin to serve you in ways you could have never imagined!

So I leave you with this big question......what is your intention for 2017?

What word defines 2017 for you? In my mind there is no such thing as time but OK fine it's 2017. :)

For me, it is TRUST. So what am I trusting in? Who am I trusting in?

What happens with trust? Trust is a word that is futuristic but also slightly momentary. It has nothing to do with the past but a lot of people decide only to trust based on their past experiences because they have been hurt and often when one trusts their can be a tinge of vulnerability. (Vulnerability is fucking amazing by the way because you are tapping into your true way of being! When you are vulnerable you are acting from your core. You are behaving in a way that serves you and all those around you! Be vulnerable as much as you can, but don't get caught up in it. Be vulnerable and express your TRUE being and identity and if someone isn't aligned, you MOVE on to someone who GETS IT.)

Trust is connecting to what you want and what you desire and then being in a place where you KNOW you will achieve all that you desire. All your energy is focused on this THING or belief that this thing will happen and that is amazingly positive! When I trust in anything that I desire to come true then I am in a place of BUILDING up that energy vs. tearing it down or breaking it down.

Trust in whatever you want. If it doesn't work it is education for you and your own growth. Once you realize this then nothing in life becomes a regret. Regret is not in your vocabulary.

Sisters, brothers and friends I invite you to take control of your lives in 2017! Be the captain of your ship. Be the lead in the play. Be dominant. Be the DIRECTOR. Be the GUIDE. Set the course. Chart your way. Follow the compass of your heart. This is the only way for living true to your being.

All my love,


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