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Basic Betty Keto Lunch :)

Day 8: Lunch and Meal #7

I've been watching a lot of Japanese meal prep and cooking videos these days. They are so relaxing. The other information I've been digesting is that there are a lot of people who have Auto-immune disorders trying The Keto Diet and Carnivore Diet and obtaining positive results with reduced symptoms. I watched Dr. Rhoda Patrick speak on Joe Rogan's podcast and she has noted helpful scientific studies where people with AI Disorders saw promising results due to low-carb diet and also fasting. She is very intelligent on the body's microbiome. If you or someone you know has Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes or another Auto-immune disorder you may want to check out the video. To be honest, I find it helpful for everyone to listen to.

At the grocery store yesterday I found some Bulgarian yogurt with low carbs, only 10g per 1 cup. It's called "Trimona" and is organic, whole milk and has grass-fed cows. This is a more sour yogurt and I enjoy it. I tend to eat plain, low sugar, whole milk yogurt with vanilla flavoring. I needed some good to support digestion during this time so I'm testing out the Trimona.

Today's lunch is total Basic Betty. Lol. Two hard boiled eggs over endive, sliced orange bell pepper, avocado, topped with mayonnaise and served with a pickle. The avocado has freshly ground cumin and flax seeds. The cucumbers are bathed in apple cider vinegar. Everything has a touch of Himalayan pink salt. Oh, and that side of ranch dressing helps me enjoy this a touch more.


XO, Dayna

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