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Lean Keto Lunch, Meal #12: Hearty Salad with Purple Chives from my Aunt and Uncle's Garden

Day 20: Lunch and Meal #12


Mixed greens

Persian cucumber

Button mushrooms

White onion

Small tomato on vine (not a cherry and idk the name)

Sautéed yellow squash with butter

Roasted brussels and onions with turmeric and paprika

Sliced turkey meat (Sliced like they used to in chef's salads)

Pepper jack cheese

Chives and chive flowers


A few dashes of Balsamic


I stopped at my Aunt and Uncle's house today to visit. I saw their new, adorable kitty Spark and some gorgeous chives in the garden that inspired this salad. Thanks Jen! I never ate a chive flower before. It's pungent (dry heat) and slightly bitter so very good for digestion. There are a few items in the salad that are raw and a few items that are cooked.

My glucose levels have been the best the last 7 days so on the Freestyle Diabetes app I moved my target glucose range down to 70-120. I was reading there are kids who practice low-carb eating and have 4.5-5.0 A1C's! Visit to see some of the inspiring stories.


XO, Dayna

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