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Ayurvedic Treatments


Experience a traditional Ayurvedic treatment in the style of Kerala, India. Journey deeper into consciousness and healing with a selected therapy.


For services my wellness studio is located at 

Marlinworks Building (Eagle)

85 Willow St. New Haven, CT 06511

2nd floor

Please call or text for more info: 203-675-2195


 I offer in-home services to all locations in Connecticut. In-home services include transportation, set-up, oils and preparation for treatment. The fee for in-home service is $20 or more. 

I look forward to supporting you.

Love, Dayna

The treatments in Ayurveda are considered to be therapeutic and support mental, emotional and physical health. I am happy to speak with you about how you are feeling or any diagnosis you've received in order to properly select the best Ayurvedic treatment to support you.  

Ayurvedic Treatments

Abhyanga                             60 min  $85  |  90 min  $135

Full body Ayurvedic massage with special selected herbal oils & includes head, face, feet, body.

Benefits: Highly relaxing and calming to mind; moisturizing to skin; reduces muscles aches/pains.

Bashpa Swedana               20-30 min  $55

Full body steam treatment. Selected essential oils used for aromatherapy.

Benefits: Warming/relaxing/calming; supports weight loss and improves circulation/nervous system/muscular imbalances; best for vata/kapha.

Basti (Back, neck or knee) 60 min   $115

A dam of dough is placed on the desired location and filled with warm herbal oil. During the treatment the cooled oil is replaced with warm oil for 30 mins. Comes with a 30 min abhyanga. 

Benefits: Reduces pain/stiffness/discomfort in a localized area; sciatica.

Oil used: mahanarayana or murivenna or sahacharadi thailam

Netra basti (eye)              60 min    $115

A dam of dough is placed around the eye and filled with herbal ghee and kept for 10-15 minutes while client performs eye exercises. Both eyes treated and includes a 30 min abhyanga. 

Benefits: Improves eye health and brain health; nourishes nervous system; improves hair health.

Ghee used: traiphala ghritam

Choorna Swedana             60 min     $125

Dry herbal bolus heated treatment. Includes a 30 min abhyanga.

Benefits: Reduces pain, stiffness, muscle/joint imbalances; supports weight loss; best for vata/kapha.

Exfoliation abhyanga       60 min       $95

Using a combination of oil and a custom herbal powder in a full body abhyanga to exfoliate and relax you.

Benefits: Removes dead skin to create a super smooth layer; relaxing/calming.

Mukha abhyanga               30 min        $45

Face massage with herbal oil  and marma points.

Benefits: Relaxing/calming/soothes mind; moisturizes face. 

Nasya                                    40 min       $55

Face/head/neck massage with herbal oil followed by steam treatment and then drops of oil into the nose.

Benefits: Respiratory/sinus/brain health, pituitary gland, nourishes and cleanses channels.

Oil used: Anu thailam, kshirabala 101 or another custom oil.

Nyavarakizhi                       75 min     $135

Warm red rice herbal bolus full body treatment. Boluses are tapped on the limbs/body and the paste formed is massaged into skin. Includes a 30 min abhyanga. 

Benefits: Relaxing and calming, moisturizes skin, builds/softens muscles and tissues.

Herbs used: bala

Pada abhyanga                  30 min       $45

Foot/ankle massage with herbal oil and marma points.

Benefits: Relaxing and calming; softens ankle muscles for those on their feet often.

Patra portali swedana    90 min       $135

Fresh cooked herbs, dry herbs, lemon and herbal formulation bolus treatment. Warm bolus is tapped along limbs/body. Includes 30 min abhyanga. 

Benefits: Body/joint/muscle pain; relaxing/calming; arthritis & sciatica.

Shiro abhyanga                  30 min       $45

Head/neck massage with herbal oil and marma points.

Benefits: Relaxing and calming; moisturizes skin; improves hair health. 

Shirodhara                           75 min       $135

Slow oil stream across the forehead and at the third eye center. Includes a 30 min abhyanga. 

Benefits: Relaxing/calming to mind, body and nervous system. Advised for those with anxiety/stress/worries, sleep disorders; balances vata energy; supports hair health/dandruff/hair fall. 

Thakradhara                        75 min       $135

Slow cooling herbal buttermilk stream across the forehead and at the third eye center. Includes a 30 min abhyanga. 

Benefits: Those who need to reduce heat and/or pitta; improves hair health; reduces dandruff & psoriasis. 

Udvartana                            60 min        $85

Dry herbal body scrub using quick upward movements along limbs. Includes face, head and foot abhyanga.

Benefits: Weight loss and excess oil or kapha; highly exfoliating and invigorating; improves complexion.

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