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I am so grateful to work with you! Thanks everyone. Love, Dayna


I am so grateful to have found Dayna! She is an amazing teacher and Ayurveda practitioner. Dayna had helped to heal many of my physical problems! She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. Dayna's therapeutic treatments were specifically designed for me and given in a gentle loving manner. I feel very blessed to have her in my life!


Maria G.

Floral Arrangement 1

I was fortunate to have Dayna come home for several postpartum massage sessions. Her therapy helped me a lot in healing post-delivery.
She even gave my mother an Abhyanga (full-body massage) and a knee therapy called Janu basti to relieve her pain.
She brings her own bed. She's qualified in Ayurveda and would provide dietary guidelines as well based on my situation.
I'd strongly recommend her for postpartum or regular massages.
I also attended one of her yoga sessions in the area and it was amazing.

Mamta B.

Rose Buds

Dayna is a true healer healer - her abilities spring naturally from a deep wisdom that always amazes me. I feel so fortunate to have met Dayna and been on the receiving end of her soft, giving and healing touch. From Ayurvedic personal counseling to yoga and massage, you can be sure Dayna will put her heart and soul into helping you be your best and healthiest self. I love Dayna’s warmth, caring and compassionate nature and I also love her extensive knowledge of  the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and how to apply it to issues of both the body and the mind. We all have wholeness and light within -  through her amazing treatments, Dayna helps each client find their own unique beauty and strength. I feel younger, lighter, more joyful after working with her.


Susan M.

Floral Wreath 5

Since many years I was looking for a good organic facial in Bay Area and I am happy that my search has finally ended. Dayna uses all organic products and her facials are sooo sooo amaizing , I was surprised to see the natural glow over my skin after my very first facial session . My skin looks, feels younger, fresher and more lively.  I was so happy with her products that I bought he face massage oil, hair oil, face mask, face scrub and use them all in my daily face and hair routine . Love the organic ghee too. Her massage during facial is so relaxing, it is just perfect for you to relax and and it totally melts you stress. Thank you Dayna for make me feel and look young . Totally recommend her facial, oils ,ghee and face products .


Floral Wreath 7

Dayna is a heart-centered biz owner and I immediately felt like I had been friends with her my whole life when I met her. She had such a beautiful way of inviting me into her home and I loved chatting with her a little bit before hopping into the treatment because I was a little nervous!! It was my first ever Ayurveda massage but it was sooo amazingly nourishing and I think Dayna personally has a lot to do that with her welcoming, non-judgmental way of caring for you the minute you walk through the door. I look forward to going back for more and if you've been thinking about giving the Ayurvedic route a try, I highly recommend getting in touch with Dayna and spending some loving time with her. Thank you so much xx

Jessica S.

Floral Wreath 6

Taking a yoga class with Dayna is truly a spiritual experience. The warm energy in her classes is palpable and she works with practitioners of all levels to help them have the best experience possible. I love how she incorporates meditation and chanting in some classes, it's truly on a different level than most of classes I have taken. Her classes are geared to more restorative and flow/ this is not like a core power hard core work out experience. I want her to do podcasts so that I can take her practice with me on the road!! Oh, and try some of her homemade aruyvedic oils- the cooling coconut and eucalyptus is my favorite! Need to get some of that shipped to me ASAP! Helps with my dry skin and hair and smells absolutely Devine!! Thanks for inspiring me to keep practicing and pushing myself to be greater both in my yoga and spirituality..

Sarah F.

Plant Wreath 1

A friend of mine recommended Dayna when I was looking for a private yoga instructor (she also does group classes). We started a year ago when I was an absolute beginner, and she's done an incredible job getting me confident in my own practice. Her classes are fun, very much tailored to my physical abilities (including modifying poses in creative ways to account for injuries and other quirks), and always push me just the right amount. I strongly recommend Dayna!

Jean-Denis G.

Christmas Leaves 1

I love my Saturday classes with Dayna! I appreciate how she paces the class, it's not too slow, and not too fast, and she is able to accommodate all levels. She is sure to warm us up in the beginning of class and cool us down as well. And I really love her calming voice...

Dayna is also very hands on which I appreciate. I love when she comes over and basically give me a little mini compression massage when I'm in a pose. It really helps me to open up even more fully and deeply. I highly recommend Dayna classes!

Dana H.

Floral Wreath 4

Ayurvedic Treatment: Pre-natal Abhyanga {Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage}

"This was hands-down the best massage I have had. Dayna Holli created a completely relaxing environment in my own home for the appointment, with calming music and scented oil from her own line. My hair felt moisturized and looked noticeably fuller for several days after the scalp massage. The face massage brightened my complexion, opened my sinuses, and allowed me to breathe well for what felt like the first time in weeks. Factoring in my third-trimester aches and discomforts, Dayna Holli perfectly tailored the session to my pregnancy, making adjustments for me to be positioned on my side and applying the perfect amount of pressure to my swollen legs. I recommended her to my mother, who generally avoids all massages, and she loved her experience too. I can't recommend her enough for prenatal appointments and hope to be able to use her for baby massages once my child is born."

Jen F., 38 weeks

Green Painted Wreath

I've known Dayna since we were small children. I've had the luck this past month to visit her and a friend out in sunny California! I've been watching Dayna's inspirational and spiritual posts online and have taken interest in her ideas of a cleaner and healthier diet. I shared with Dayna that I've had a strong battle with fatigue and overall lack of energy. I didn't have the best diet but also not the worst. But I knew it was a factor. So speaking with Dayna face to face and seeing her excitement and passion as she spoke, gave me a great feeling of trust in what she was saying, believing in and sharing with me.

I like to take small steps when I start something new. I've had a hard battle with acid reflux for about 2 years now. Luckily my stubbornness with getting it checked out subsided and was able to stop something much more serious in its tracks before the worst could happen. I was prescribed Nexium, with no end date of dosage! Not happy about it. So I asked Dayna about what is available, rather than taking my Nexium every morning, which while it may work, I hate to imagine what other harm it may be doing to my body. Dayna shared a few ideas and less than a week after returning home, Dayna sends me a package of Avipattikan Choorna (hope I spelled that right), to take after meals to help reduce the acid. So I stopped the Nexium for 2 days (which normally is the time it takes to wear off for me) and took the Choorna after eating. Without question it worked!!! And I felt better! Just like that, this small step has spring boarded me into a new way of eating all together. Cleaner, healthier and more natural foods! My acid is almost non existent and my energy has gone up. I'm seeing faster results in my normal workouts and weight is dropping!

I've taken Dayna's list of spices and herbs to bring into my daily eating and will also follow her advice on a more well rounded lifestyle.

Next step is Yoga to help relive my stress, anxieties, and bring together flexibility of body and mind, with my body's physical strength and mental strength!

Thank you Dayna!
Your small seed to me is growing a powerful force!

Mike R.

Plant Wreath 6

I have been studying yoga with Dayna for the past 3+ years and I absolutely adore her style and energy! She has a lot of experience to give to her students and I love the fact that she has the Ayurveda knowledge to enrich our yoga practice. I have been attending her classes twice a week and like the pace and tone she sets in each class. Dayna is personable, attentive to your needs and provides modifications on poses to accommodate different ability levels. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to bring yoga into their lives!

Stefanie N.

Floral Arrangement 3

Dayna is an excellent Ayurveda practitioner. I had two sessions of the Ayurvedic oil massage to help me recover and rebalance after a very difficult year. Though her expertise and counseling on how to best balance the doshas she has helped me immensely and I now feel like myself again. The sessions were so relaxing and she was so open and supportive the whole time. She was also very helpful in coaching me on how to maintain the balance gained in between sessions. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kim P.

Floral Wreath 3

I was experiencing a continuous back ache for a few weeks due to long work hours and lack of sleep. I've tried everything: pills, regular massages, warm showers but with no improvement.

I've heard about Dayna's unique massage methods from some of my friends so I decided to give a chance, nothing was helping anyway.

The massage was approximately 45 minutes long, during which Dayna had used SuVeda Myaxyl oil and Ksheerabala oil. I was so surprised that what multiple methods of treatment couldn't solve, a more holistic approach is what made the difference! I felt like a brand new person, my back pain was gone and I couldn't be more thankful.

Definitely a 5* for me!

Isaac C.

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