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Your Pregnancy Journey

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care with Dayna Holli

How Ayurveda can support you in:
becoming pregnant
maintaining a healthy pregnancy
developing a birthing plan
nourishing you and baby post-partum

Pregnancy Care: Projects


a unique cleanse for you and your partner

If you and your partner have decided to become pregnant, Ayurveda recommends doing a panchakarma or traditional Ayurvedic cleanse or maintaining good health practices 1-3 months before going for conception. By choosing the right foods, exercising, practicing yoga or meditation and taking proper herbs one can ensure health of sperm and ovum. Please contact me for more information.


care of a pregnant woman

"The woman, who conceived should be looked after affectionately by her husband and attendants, supplied with things she likes and which are good for health, nourished with more of butter, ghee and milk, always."
~Ashtanga Hridayam
Ayurveda has plenty of food recommendations for each month of pregnancy in order to care for fetal development and for mama. There are also specific herbs that can be taken and natural remedies for imbalances that may happen during pregnancy. These imbalances can be: constipation, vomiting, edema, diarrhea, skin rash, aches or pains & sciatica.

9th month & Post-Natal Care

internal and external balancing

As your pregnancy moves into the 9th month, Ayurveda can support you in many ways both with internal treatments and herbs and external oil massage or abhyanga. All pregnancies will be different and a woman's needs will be unique to her body. During the 9th month a woman may feel more fatigue and require rest. An herbal oil massage is helpful as it is more about applying the herbal oil to the body to calm and relax vs. manipulating tissues. Traditional Ayurvedic practices recommend 21 days of abhyanga after labor and you can start just a few days after the birth. Ayurveda also does baby massage with the same oil. Please connect with me on how I can support you!

Pregnancy Care



Ayurvedic Consultation

A traditional Ayurvedic wellness consultation is about 90 minutes. I will offer suggestions of diet/nutrition, herbs/herbal formulations, ayurvedic treatments, yoga/pranayama and lifestyle recommendations.
+pre-conception consultation
+pregnancy consultation
+post-partum consultation



A traditional 'Kerala-style' Ayurvedic warm and gentle herbal oil massage from head to toe for pregnancy is 60 minutes.

An abhyanga can be done during pregnancy but generally its best to wait until the 9th month. However, I have done abhyangas for women at all stages of pregnancy to balance, relax and calm mind and body. If required, stomach can be avoided. A post-natal abhyanga is full body including breasts as part of tradition if desired.

Packages available for post-natal care.

Herb Plants

Customized Plan

You can create a birthing package that supports you with what you need. There is no limit here and I would be happy to discuss your needs as well as make suggestions. In this package we can include any of the following:

+21 day panchakarma

+yoga sessions

+a traditional Ayurvedic consultation

+pre and/or post-natal abhyanga

+ayurvedic herbal body oil for you and/or baby

+ayurvedic herbs & formulations

+ayurvedic treatments/therapies

Pregnancy Care: Services
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