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The Bull and the Lion

Dayna Holli Africa Trip 2012

Spoken by Sadhguru

"On a certain day a bull just sort of strayed into the forest. Nice greenery so it strayed into the forest. Grazing, grazing, grazing going deep into the forest. An old lion, who was a little past his prime who was having trouble hunting for his food just saw this big fat bull and his mouth salivated. A bull is an easier thing to hunt compared to the animals of the forest. So he just waited, stalked the bull, attacked him and killed him...ate him up. His stomach became really full, and with this full stomach, with great satisfaction he roared. A few hunters were passing that way, they heard the lion roar. So they tracked him down and shot him dead."

The moral of the story is:

When you're so full of bull you should not open your mouth.

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