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Morning Immunity Juice

Day 2: 30 Days of The Keto Diet

Morning Immunity Juice > I am sticking with my daily juicing for this 30 day project as it's not very high in carbohydrates and it's very refreshing for me!


1 cube ginger

1 slice lemon

Half a small pear

3 apple slices

2 āmalaki

Āmalaki is also knows as Indian gooseberry hailing from India and grows on a tree. It has about 121mg of vitamin c per berry. I used 2 berries so that is 242mg of vitamin c plus more from the other ingredients. The suggested vitamin c dosage per day is about 75mg and more for pregnant women, while men is 90mg. Āmalaki powder doesn't supply you with the same amount of vitamin c as the actual fruit. You can purchase āmalaki at an Indian grocer in the freezer section.

Have a juicy day everyone and stay tuned for lunch and dinner meal recipes.


XO, Dayna

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