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Keto-ish Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Day 10: Lunch and Meal #8

This. Is. Delicious.

Apologies as I was throwing things in a pot last night while watching Top Chef and I wasn't measuring a thing. I was using up some fridge items and I don't have a perfect recipe for you. If you're interested I can absolutely create something round-about and give it to you. This looks stunning and was phenomenal. If you have one of those smoothie blenders you could completely cream it up. I have only a food processor so there is a lot of texture you see.

One of the things about keto is that it can involve a lot of dairy. I am still adjusting to this and also being mindful because it's not something I want to add in bulk to my diet. Cheese is filling though and a great snack item. It has zero carbohydrates. I had thought about making broccoli and cheese soup but not standard broccoli and cheese. I had to add in more vegetables, which is what I did here. Let it be known this is quite an indulgence meal as I can't remember the last time I made soup with milk. I always use chicken or vegetable stock. The milk, cheese and turkey bacon provide a great richness!







Whole Milk

Cheddar cheese

Cream cheese

Turkey bacon



Herbs de Provence mix: thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, oregano, tarragon, marjoram, lavender flowers

Cayenne pepper

Himalayan pink salt

It's keto-ish and 2 bowls only cost me 1u of insulin so I was happy!


XO, Dayna

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