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Valentine’s 🌹💗Month Special ~Sneha:Love🫶🏼

Renew your mind and skin with an Exfoliation Abhyanga

Yoga Ayurveda Love: 85 Willow St. 2nd Floor New Haven, CT 06511

This month’s special is $80 ($15 off) ~ reg $95

Organic coconut or sesame oil is warmed and personalized, organic herbs are selected based on your needs and blended as a choorna (powder).

The treatment is similar to a traditional abhyanga/Ayurvedic massage with face and feet receiving an oil massage and the rest of body scrubbed/oleated. I have a refreshing rose water spritz I’ll use on the face.

During the treatment on the body the herbs and oil are mixed to create the body scrub which can support hydration/moisturization, removal of dead skin to create the softest, smoothest skin and promote a healthy glow. The scrubbing increases the flow of ️energy in your channels (srotas), relaxes the mind/emotions/muscles/body and also brings a serene calm with the aromatics and aromatherapy of herbs/oils.

Add on: lavender cbd pain salve $12

You’ll also be cleaned with warm water and towel dried to avoid any excess scrub on the body when you depart.

Enjoy some organic pukka rose/chamomile/lavender tea with me after your treatment

Love and care for your body is an appropriate dinacharya (daily practice) in Ayurveda.

Need to treat yourself or have a loved one who needs this Ayurvedic treatment?

Book via text 203-675-2195 or to grab a gift certificate which can be picked up or mailed.

Lots of love to all of you!


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