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Health Update Week 1

UPDATE It’s been 7 days since I started a very low carb and keto diet. I have omitted 🥞🥖🥔🥐eating rice, beans, potatoes, grains and pasta. I’ve enjoyed small portions of carbs such as berries, juice and oranges . 🔻How do I feel? I’ve never had my sugar levels this balanced in the 7 years I’ve had diabetes. I don’t use a pump. Having the @freestylediabetes helps but keto takes it even further to where you basically are normal to borderline pre-diabetic numbers. My 7 day average glucose is 105 (See picture below). For those of you new to anything diabetes a normal person would have an average under 100. ☑️☑️ This is #goals 🔝 During the last 7 days I’ve been active with exercise from cardio to walking to AB exercises. It mentally makes me feel happier and healthier because my body is in very good homeostasis. I don’t have sugar spikes or crashes after eating. I’ve had some mild cravings but not enough to the point where I have to quit or give up because to me this is a very important experiment. Yeah, I want chips or a peanut butter and jelly Dave’s bread sandwich but I also want this. There are a lot of things you can give up or sacrifice when you have important goals. I’m seeing that in other areas of my life. 🔻What are some challenging side affects? First of all, My biggest thing is fiber and regularity. Thanks to Ayurveda I know how to support this: flaxseed powder, TRIPHALA, eranda and oil enemas. You have to make sure things are flowing. Yesterday I was very tired. Today I was very tired and napped both days which could possibly mean ketosis. I feel better tonight. I NEVER nap and I had to do it because I was so tired! Crazy. Another note of health was lowered hunger due to more fat being consumed. I would say my intake of fat is not super high. 🔻What are some positive notes? My meals have been very healthy and around the same time daily. I would say overall I’m doing great and happy to continue with this project. I’ve noticed that I’m not bloated. Apparently before this I had more bloating than I realized. My belly has flattened out to show me how it’s “supposed to be”. I think shifts like this help with insight to what’s happening in your body. Scroll down to see my daily intake of insulin.


Insulin intake

Day 1: Lantus 16u, Humalog 6u Daily Low:55 Daily High: 182

Day 2: Lantus 16u, Humalog 4u Daily Low:55 Daily High: 188

Day 3: Lantus 15u, Humalog 3u Daily Low:62 Daily High: 194

Day 4: Lantus 14u, Humalog 4u Daily Low:55 Daily High: 146

Day 5: Lantus 14u, Humalog 1u Daily Low:52 Daily High: 167

Day 6: Lantus 12u, Humalog 4u Daily Low:51 Daily High: 228

Day 7: Lantus 12u, Humalog 2u Daily Low:79 Daily High: 182

My daily lows are always in the morning. I am trying to get myself to stabilize more around 75-100 which is why I am lowering the Lantus daily. However, I have to note that before I started keto I would periodically get numbers in 50's. I check my number in the middle of the night and take a sip or two of apple juice to keep it more stable. The good thing with keto is that you cannot really overshoot your humalog because you're barely taking any! Also, I'm not snacking on carbs late night so that helps avoid the correction problems that can occur.

Thank you so much for reading. I am happy to answer any of your questions regarding keto, diabetes or Ayurveda.


XO, Dayna

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