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Health Update Week 3

UPDATE: Week 3 and 21 days on The Keto Diet May 13th - May 19th


The last week on Keto/Low Carb has been lovely. Digestion is good. Hunger is happening mid-afternoon and I've done some intermittent fasting this week too. Elimination has completely corrected itself but I don't have a BM every day. Sometimes it's every other day but not more than that this week. I've read about how people on Keto need time to correct their system with elimination. So yeah, about 3 weeks in and I'm not taking herbs or enemas to help correct it. I'm also not taking in some extra fiber source just eating vegetables and berries. Oh the blackberries were such a treat this week! I am eating some right now.

In the last week I had zero measurements of glucose in the 200's! Probably a first. This 100% makes you feel normal and also, I've felt a bit heavy when the glucose goes in high 100's so my sensation for a high has shifted.

Cravings were more this week. Those Keto biscuits helped and one day I put some low carb jam on one. I craved white rice, milk chocolate, pastries, potato chips, an everything bagel and the list goes on. The other day I ate cheese off pizza and actually that helped satisfy my craving to eat a slice. I didn't.

On to the next week. Scroll down to see my 7 day average and also my insulin intake.

This week on Keto and Low Carb has been promising with numbers and my best week of glucose to date. The average glucose for the last 7 days has been spectacular (*note this technically includes today which is day 22 as part of the average). 99! That is an A1C of 5.05!!!!!! HOLY HEALTH.

Insulin Intake

Day 15: Lantus 12u, Humalog 5u Daily High: 174 Daily Low: 66 Day 16: Lantus 11u, Humalog 3u Daily High: 140 Daily Low: 74 Day 17: Lantus 11u, Humalog 2u Daily High: 149 Daily Low: 78 Day 18: Lantus 11u, Humalog 8u Daily High: 198 Daily Low: 69 Day 19: Lantus 11u, Humalog 6u Daily High: 152 Daily Low: 51 Day 20: Lantus 10u, Humalog 6u Daily High: 115 Daily Low: 55 Day 21: Lantus 10u, Humalog 10u Daily High: 174 Daily Low: 60


XO, Dayna

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