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Health Update Week 4

UPDATE: Week 4 and 30 days on The Keto Diet May 20th - May 28th


30 days on Keto complete. I plan to continue my journey with Keto and a Low carb life to support my Type 1 diabetes and overall physical, emotional and mental health. The last 9 days of the 30 were a bit more unpredictable than the first 21. I didn't cheat or veer off the diet, I experienced some challenges that were unforeseen. I went back to work which caused a bit of stress and surprisingly affected my glucose levels a lot. I had insulin resistance to a degree which caused frustration and making me want to quit. I will discuss these challenges below. What I want you to realize is that these things are not permanent problems with Keto. Insulin resistance fixes itself by regular fasting as I've seen.

What are my Triumphs?

30 days of Change: Diets can be a lifestyle. I sustained on healthy fats, vegetables and proteins with a small amount of carbohydrates per day. On most days my carb intake was under 10g and on some days 10-15g so I didn't "give in" to carb cravings. That was very hard. A majority of carbs ended up coming from salad dressings, vegetables and various sauces of interest that complimented meals.

Food as Comfort: Knowing and realizing this and not partaking in it during this 30 days. This has always been something I've wanted to work on. 30 days of Keto has helped reduce snacking and eating out of boredom.

30 days of Self-care: I took 30 days to deeply focus on me and be consistent about my choices of food, exercise and activities This was rewarding. The reward is balance!

Here are some benefits of Keto that I've found:

  • Reduced bloating. If you are constantly bloated cut out gluten ASAP. Witness the happiness of your gut.

  • My relationship with food was full frontal. Eating because of boredom was not happening. Keto doesn't really encourage snacking because you're not hungry in between meals. Carb snacking is just so so easy to do if you're not hungry. So if you're looking to help heal food relations this may be a way to go.

  • I was fuller longer which induced 1-2 meals a day only and even encouraged the OMAD practice. (One meal a day)

  • Simple components to my meals. It's pretty easy to create a meal with protein, fat and veg.

  • There are different styles of “keto”. Yes! I approve of the vegetables. I don't eat beef but did have pork this month. I am opening to new paths and will be eating beef this month.

  • Systemic shift of my microbiome. Your body changes chemically and its a slow shift. It doesn't happen overnight. You will see those results after a week. I found this to be at first, annoying and uncomfortable as it had to do with elimination. My body did adjust though.

  • Increase of hunger overall. My hunger before keto was less. Probably because I was deep into using food for comfort. I have been able to reduce that practice and increase my hunger. I generally am eating 1-2 meals per day and never more.

  • Overall A1C is reducing because my glucose is reducing. Last reading in Feb (I think) was 6.4 and I am sure it's under 6.0 now!

  • No dangerous glucose levels or hypoglycemia upon waking in middle of the night! This was my main source of problem > dropping low because my glucose levels were not corrected. I've been in the high 40's/low 50's but this is sustained glucose numbers, not dropping.

  • A few highs of 200's but very few.

  • You cannot have a lot of alcohol on keto but fasting especially. Your tolerance drops dramatically and 1-2 glasses of wine or trulys/white claws in a few hours is enough. Reducing alcohol intake is healthy IMO.


  • For 3 weeks I saw my total insulin use decrease, then all the sudden my morning glucose numbers were creeping. In the 5th week of Keto this reduced back to normal but I think it was due to more fasting in my 5th week.

  • After a few weeks a small intake of carbs created spike in glucose (not over 200), simultaneously it then created a spike in insulin usage because of insulin sensitivity. For example, lemon water raised my glucose 15-30 points.

  • Frustration, fire, annoyance ensued when insulin sensitivity started happening. I was doing this diet to reduce insulin yet I was now needing more. The fix to this is fasting! If you're having insulin sensitivity on keto you need to fast and do OMAD.

  • With exercising (30 mins HITT) my insulin would rise 20-40 points. I never experiencing this before. But, it's been a long time since I was doing cardio to this degree. I had to take insulin after working out. This has gone back and forth since my 5th week on Keto. It doesn't always rise when exercising.

  • First day back to work my glucose was balanced at 91 around 2:30pm. I ended up at 9:30pm with 287! Ok, usually I check my numbers but I was so busy and with service outside I didn't have time to quickly do it. Before quarantine and Keto my numbers would always reduce with movement and exercise that is required as a server. Perhaps I was stressed with cortisol and glycogen coming out of the liver? The last 2 times I've worked since this date I've taken 2-3 units just at the start of service and leveled off in the 50's so no spikes!

  • Reduction of fiber has an affect on bowel movements. It's not always every day for me. I've used triphala, eranda, chia seeds and flax seeds to support in the beginning and it finally shifted 3-4 weeks in. Your body will change and sometimes you need time. I would recommend using 1/2 teaspoon-1 teaspoon of triphala at night with warm water and be consistent about it.

  • Lightheadedness. This started happening about 4 weeks into Keto. My immediate reaction is oh, low glucose but it's not the case. My other reaction is 'I want carbs to correct this' but I can't do that. This is a very uncomfortable feeling because I know it can't be due to iron levels as I take iron vitamins. I read that it could be dehydration and the need for salt. Yesterday and today I'm drinking more water and I don't feel lightheaded. Note to self.

I do hope that if you or anyone you know is struggling with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes there are ways of eating that can reduce your mental and physical anguish. Its anguishing to constantly deal with this but I've found a new hope with KETO and a new positivity. I am happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to email me!

See 4 week average glucose reading.

Insulin Intake

Day 22: Lantus 10u, Humalog 9u Daily High: 201 Daily Low: 70

Day 23: Lantus 10u, Humalog 10u Daily High: 171 Daily Low: 56 Day 24: Lantus 11u, Humalog 22u Daily High: 310 Daily Low: 91 Day 25: Lantus 12u, Humalog 13u Daily High: 164 Daily Low: 62 Day 26: Lantus 12u, Humalog 21u Daily High: 176 Daily Low: 54 Day 27: Lantus 12u, Humalog 12u Daily High: 155 Daily Low: 57 Day 28: Lantus 12u, Humalog 11u Daily High: 201 Daily Low: 52

Day 29: Lantus 12u, Humalog 19u Daily High: 146 Daily Low: 74

Day 30: Lantus 12u, Humalog 13u Daily High: 127 Daily Low: 61

*Days in BOLD represent where I experienced a lot of insulin resistance. It reflects the very high Humalog numbers even though my carbohydrate intake was quite low. I am talking like under 10 carbs. There were a few days I had meals of around 20 carbs and one day I ate a health bar out of frustration (due to insulin resistance) and sugar craving that was 20g carbs. I guess I could've gone and ate a candy bar or chips and it's funny I even saw a health bar as a treat. I also felt more comfortable going up to 12 units of Lantus. I am still doing this daily.

In week 5 of Keto the insulin resistance subsided which I think was due to OMAD and more fasting. My total Insulin numbers were teens and under 20.

Thank you everyone for following. I look forward to posting more about Keto and Type 1 Diabetes.


XO, Dayna

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