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Health Update Week 2

UPDATE: Week 2 and 14 days on The Keto Diet


I feel very good, motivated, emotionally happy and successful. My digestion is good (no bloating) elimination OK but not great as I don’t think I’ve transitioned yet. Today was a great day with little insulin use and in total was 17units (Lantus+Humalog). Just so you know before keto my daily total insulin units was about 38-48 depending on carb intake. I’ve dropped my Lantus gradually and felt that 12u was a good place to retain for longer to keep balance. I will attempt to lower more when I feel ready.

I had several days this week where my glucose would just NOT lower. One day was my fault as I ordered a chicken and broccoli dish from a Thai restaurant and should’ve done SOS (sauce on side). I didn’t think the sugar in the meal was that high but it was > 11 units later. I might as well have had modern apizza. There is secret sugar in many Chinese food sauces as well as Thai.

Another evening I was taking some apple juice to get out of 50/60 range at bedtime and my glucose wouldn’t go up-when it finally did it skyrocketed and I wolk up in the 200’s. This stuff is just a-day-in-the life of a diabetic. Some days you can’t win. Some days, like today, are perfect.

Scroll down to see my daily intake of insulin.

7 day average glucose 123

Insulin intake

Day 8: Lantus 12u, Humalog 4u, Daily High: 141 Daily Low: 72 Day 9: Lantus 12u, Humalog 6u, Daily High: 173 Daily Low: 42 Day 10: Lantus 11u, Humalog 5u, Daily High: 173 Daily Low: 59 Day 11: Lantus 11u, Humalog 19u, Daily High: 349 Daily Low: 58 Day 12: Lantus 11u, Humalog 15u,Daily High: 181 Daily Low: 54 Day 13: Lantus 11u, Humalog 15u, Daily High: 187 Daily Low: 46 Day 14: Lantus 12u, Humalog 5u, Daily High: 145 Daily Low: 69

My daily morning wakeup lows have reduced which I attribute to less Lantus.

I’m looking forward to this next week ahead! Have a great evening everyone!


❌⭕️, Dayna

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