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Keto Dinner, Meal #10: Cod filet, Greens with Dressing & Mixed Vegetables | Breaking my 24 hr. F

Day 16: Dinner and Meal #10 (Last night's dinner with Mom)

My Mom invited me over last night for dinner and we enjoyed codfish filet with lemon, garlic, butter, onion, salt and pepper as well as mixed vegetables: carrot, broccoli, snap peas and water chestnuts. I also added mixed greens with a light Italian dressing. This is a 'lean keto' meal as there is a small amount of butter and oil but not necessarily enough to be strict keto.

I fasted for 24 hours. The previous night my last meal was at 6:15pm so this was my 'break fast meal' at 7:30pm and it was light enough to create satisfaction. Although, I went home and had some walnuts (fat) as a snack. I took 1u of Humalog!

The more I read about fasting, the more I feel it's a good practice for me to undertake as long as it doesn't produce too much weight loss. I am looking to cleanse the system and clear out useless waste cells which is what fasting does ie. autophagy. In Ayurveda we call this lekhana (scraping/reducing) of ama (buildup). It's the gunk that circulates. While Ayurveda recommends fasting for certain people it's not common to hear doctors recommend everyone to fast, especially for over 24 hours. It's also not common to hear people in Ayurveda say to disregard hunger because during long fasts hunger can happen.

Since this was my first fast of 24 hours I believe eating a higher fat diet can help you fast longer. So Keto or Carnivore Diet seems to go nicely with intermittent fasting. I would like to take a few more 24 hour fasts before I do a 36 hour. By the way, my glucose levels yesterday were 100% stable during the fast and actually I was taking Humalog to reduce my glucose periodically for 6 hours. Span was 174-105. The fast didn't drop my glucose to 50-60 range.

On we go! Have a beautiful day.


XO, Dayna

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